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3 lies you’re being told about your website

I can't take it. I have to say something. I don't want to run into another client who has been lied to, scammed, or manipulated out of money by freelancers, firms, consultants and employees. It's especially hard when clients call me in to fix their marketing holes but...

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You Need to Start Optimizing This Metric Now

When you are talking to your marketing director or agency, you know just as well as I do that they do a great job pulling out the acronyms to make sure they show they are using all the popular marketing methods to grow your business. If I don't hear SEO, PPC, SEM,...

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5 quick wins you can use in your service business.

Our jobs have given us the ability to work with a wide variety of businesses. Because of this, we see certain trends with different business categories that give us quick wins in implementing new sales techniques. This week we are highlighting some quick tips you to...

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