Knowing how to use Social Media in business is an in-valuable tool. Unfortunately, many companies invest large sums of money into a social media campaign only to receive one or two interactions. That’s because they are DOING IT WRONG!

Getting interaction through Social Media takes more than just creating a profile and posting content. It takes a well defined strategy and knowing how to target your audience effectively. In this post we will walk you through 4 simple keys that will help you increase your Social Media interactions.

#1. Learn How To Speak Their Language.

Social Media revolves heavily around finding and gathering people with similar interests, views and beliefs. When they find each other they will create a group, a list, a page, a circle or some other type of Social Media grouping. Like most communities social trends will begin to develop, leaders will begin to appear, and a dialog will emerge that may only be used by those specific people. – Discovering and using that dialog is the first part of developing a successful interaction with your target audience.

For example – You may be a company which specializes in baby care products, and post about it 1,000 times a day, BUT completely miss your audience because they use the term “infant” instead of “baby”.

In the end it’s the exact same thing, but since it’s not how the community speaks, you will miss them completely.

To start, begin by coming up with 3 different ways of communicating your topic. For example “Baby, Infant, and New Born”.

These will be your social media topic keywords – Next use the built in search tool on the platform you are using to find out which topic keyword has the most buzz around it. Once you have done this, move on to the next step.

#2. Join The Conversation.

Once you know how to speak your audiences language, it is important to know how to join the conversation. We do this by taking advantage of a Social Media tool called Hash-Tagging. Not every social media platform uses hash-tagging, but most major platforms are integrating it.

#Hash-Tagging – Allows all of the people you just found with your topic keywords, to get even more specific in their conversation.

Think of it like this, posting on social media is like telling your friends to meet you at the ocean – Its extremely vast and chances are that you may all go to the ocean and never even see each other.

By using topic keywords you are telling your friends which beach to go to, and with hash-tags you clarify a specific guard stand to meet at.

So, how do you know where to find those hash-tags? – The best way is through simple observation.

Look at the results brought up by your topic keywords, and find the ones which most closely relate you what you specifically are talking about. When you find one that looks promising click on it and see what results it brings up. You may have to try 5-10 different ones before you can specify 2-3 hash-tags you will use most. Once you have them its time to start talking!

#3 Grab Their Attention.

Have you ever noticed that some social media posts get hundreds of likes and shares, and similar posts only get a handful? It’s because they figured out how to grab a communities attention. This is done by observing what style of posting appeals most to a specific community. It could be a picture, a question, a bold statement, a news link, a passionate original text, or even a video.

Communities may even prefer a different style of attention grabbing from one social media platform to the other. Pictures are much more appealing on Facebook vs. Twitter where catchy short lines of text are king.

#4 Nothing Beats Unique.

Because social media is based highly around sharing other peoples posts, the first person to post gets all of the attention.

Think of it like a tree – There are thousands or even millions of leaves, but it all comes from one seed. Your goal should be to create seed content, not leaf content.

The best way to find original posts are to create them yourself, on one says something the exact some way that you do, no one views things exactly the way you do. Take your unique thoughts and views and turn them into a unique original piece of content. There may already be a post on your topic but if you can do it better, add a new twist to it, use your own branding voice, or even present it in a new way, it will turn into seed content.

If you can begin to integrate these four keys into your social media strategy, you will be on your way to finding, engaging, and leading your social media communities.